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Thanks, Internet #2 - We the Women Campaign


Thanks, Internet #2 - We the Women Campaign

Photo taken by yours truly at the Women's March on Sacramento — January 21, 2017

Photo taken by yours truly at the Women's March on Sacramento — January 21, 2017


Art is a pretty powerful thing and the new We the Women campaign aims to use art as a way to start conversations, enact change, and do good—at a time when our country is truly being tested.

"Art has always been an empowering means for expression, voice, and change. WE THE WOMEN unite to protect vulnerable bodies who have been targeted by forms of violence and discrimination. We aim to advocate for health and reproductive rights, LGBTQ non-discrimination, job equity, domestic shelter and immigration services, among other causes that impact human lives.

In solidarity, WE THE WOMEN embarks on a campaign to create a series of VISUAL CAMPAIGNS around the nation. The series of installations will signify stewardship for the rights of women and all voices under threat. Our hope is that these visual displays of art will go where we cannot march and act to ignite and connect through the power and vision of art."
— Source: We the Women

Let's pause and take that in for a minute.

As you can see, this campaign is set to make some waves and I can't wait to see it unfold. It's the first campaign launched by Saving Faces, which is a maker's collective based out of San Francisco, and is being spearheaded by artist, author, illustrator (and more) Cat Seto. She's also got help from an advisory board made up of some pretty inspiring folks.

If you haven't signed the pledge, spread the word, or supported the cause yet—please consider doing so here. It's been over five months since women all over the world marched against the social injustices promised by the current administration and the power of the female collective voice is one that I see rising up again, and again, and again.

Let's keep going. 

This monthly series is dedicated to sharing really cool projects and ideas that are taking shape in both the digital and physical realms. See more below!



Flathead Lake + Wallace Stevens + Happy Links


"Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake." - Wallace Stevens

Happy Links: 

Wrapping it Up: 

  • I came clean about my tendency to over-plan the you-know-what out of vacations. I'm working really hard not to go into planning mode as we get ready for our road trip. We'll see how that goes. :)
  • Have you ever wondered what it takes to get the Going-to-the-Sun Road cleared in Glacier National Park every year? Since we're heading that way soon, we've been curious. I started asking around and got the scoop!


  • I've asked a few friends to stop by the blog next week, so keep your eyes peeled for some fantastic posts. won't want to miss them.
  • Have you switched from Google Reader yet? You can find me over on Bloglovin' and Feedly is pretty great too. You can also subscribe via email right here


Have a lovely weekend, my friends! 

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In the Gallery: It's a Banner Day

You GUYS. My artwork is hanging in a gallery nearly 3000 miles away and I have the lovely Patti Murphy to thank for it!


You see, Patti and her sister Kat invited artists from all over the world to participate in their "It's A Banner Day" show this month at Hygienic Art Galleries in New London, CT. The sisters wanted to add a collaborative element to their curated show exploring color and symbols. Here's a little snippet from the website:

The Banner Collaboration hopes to engage theartistic side of artists and designers and will also connect them on this website. Each banner is created by a different artist and will carry the theme of "It’s A Banner Day" sharing artful messages of hope, good news, happiness and success. 100% of banner proceeds will be donated to Hygienic Art Galleries.

So if you happen to be in New London this month, be sure to stop by Hygienic Art Galleries through June 29 to check out the show! You can also see more of the super fun banners online at the official "It's A Banner Day" website.

I hope you're having a banner day, friends!

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Northern California + Calderón + Happy Links


 "Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises."  // Pedro Calderón de la Barca

Happy Links:

  • Adina at The Gluten Free Travelette shared a recent hike in Washington that had me craving somequality mountain time. I immediately added the hike to my "I Want To Go To There" Pinterest board.
  • My favorite resource for clean cosmetics, No More Dirty Looks, is hiring an assistant! If you're interested and have the time, you should definitely think about reaching out.
  • These prosthetic limbs are incredible. Who knew artificial limbs could be so artfully done?! I'm not sure if you all know this (I suppose I don't write about it much), but I was born with just half of my right arm and I wear a prosthesis everyday. These beauties have me wishing for an upgrade!

Wrap it Up:

  • On Monday, I professed my love for Skillshare. I'm taking the "How to Write a Killer Magazine Article Pitch" class... which reminds me: I need to start my project!
  • I welcomed a new series to the blog this week that focuses on the careers of creative entrepreneurs. Be sure to stop in and check it out!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I'll be spending it at a garage sale I'm co-hosting with my mom in an effort to get rid of excess. If you're in the Sacramento area and want the details, let me know!

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Cover to Cover: Submerge Magazine


If you've been living in (or visited) Sacramento over the past several years, you've probably come across Submerge Magazine. The magazine, which is printed on good old fashioned paper, is what I like to call an anti-glossy publication.

You know what I'm talking about, right? When you thoroughly enjoy an article and then reach for your cup of coffee to find newsprint stains on your hands? Yeah, it's that type of publication... and I love it. Submerge comes out every other week and covers everything happening in the Sacramento region -- from music and art to food and style.


I had a chance to ask the founders, Jonathan and Melissa a few questions about the magazine and, lucky for us, they were super candid!

Let's dive right in, shall we?

Q) For those who are just being introduced to Submerge Magazine, how would you characterize the publication? What can people expect to find between the front and back covers?

A) Submerge is an arts and entertainment publication available for free every other week all over the Sacramento region. We feature interviews, previews and reviews based around the music, art, comedy, fashion and food happenings in our region. People can expect national coverage blended with regional coverage. So in any given issue you might find an interview with a touring band or comedian coming through town mixed with plenty of regional coverage, as well as restaurant reviews, an entertainment calendar and we also have regular columnists. As cliche as it sounds, there is a little     something for everyone in every issue of Submerge.

Q) How long have you been publishing Submerge Magazine? What prompted you to start a publication like this?

A) We are currently on issue #135 (that's crazy to think about!) so it's been over five years. We launched this bad boy in early 2008, just as the economy was hitting rock bottom. We didn't care much about that, because we knew we had a strong idea and a solid business plan. Being a free publication, we rely on advertising dollars and right away we got the attention of some of Sacramento's best bars, venues, restaurants, retailers, etc. and partnered with them. We owe so much to our advertisers! It's a beautiful partnership that we've built with all of them. What prompted us to start a publication like this was just taking a look at the Sacramento region and thinking, "Wow, there is SO much cool stuff happening here between the music scene, arts scene, restaurant and beer/cocktail scene, etc." and we knew we could provide some fresh,     hip coverage of all that. My business partner (and soon to be wife) Melissa had tons of experience in the publishing world, specifically in the design and editorial departments. I've always been a natural at marketing and sales, so our two skill-sets combined really made launching a business like this possible.

Q) What were you both doing for a living before you started the magazine? (Care to share any funny career/education stories that led you to where you are today?)

A) We both graduated from CSU, Chico. That's where we met. Years ago when we moved to Sacramento and started thinking about doing Submerge, we had part-time "regular" jobs to pay the bills. I worked at a local brewery for a while (RIP Sac Brew!), Melissa did graphic design work for a local print shop. Eventually the mag got so busy   that we both were able to drop the part-time gigs to focus solely on Submerge. We don't make a killing by any means, but we make enough to pay the bills, and we can do so by supporting and promoting the regions arts and entertainment scenes, so we're pretty happy with how things have worked out!

Q) What are your favorite elements of magazine publishing? Is there anything you've discovered over the years that surprised you about the industry?

A) I love that we are one of only a few remaining print publications in town. As we all get more and more connected and dependent on our digital devices, it's nice to know that we are giving people an option of something to physically hold onto and read over a cup of coffee, or a beer, or at a boutique in midtown, or while waiting for a bus or train, etc. We do have a website as well as a digital flip book version of every issue available online, we aren't dinosaurs over here, but giving people something to physically hold onto feels nice.

Q) The magazine focuses on the Sacramento region. What is it about Sacramento that inspires you to continue creating a free, local publication?

A) We are so proud to call Sacramento home and to be able to focus on some of the cooler things happening here. Melissa and I both grew up in really, really small towns, so I think that helps us appreciate all that the Sacramento region has to offer. There are amazingly talented musicians and artists here, as well as countless chefs, bartenders and restaurants to be proud of. We get some of the best comedians in the world touring through on a regular basis, and on top of all that, this region is just so extremely diverse. We absolutely love it here and can't imagine doing Submerge anywhere else!

Q) Submerge Magazine is pretty involved in the community and Sacramento's summer event season is coming up. Any cool collaborations or projects coming up that we should know about?

A) We're excited to be involved with Concerts in the Park, which happens every Friday evening in downtown Sacramento at Cesar Chavez Plaza and features free live music from many of the region's best acts. We're also stoked to be a big part of Launch Music/Art Festival again this year, we truly believe in the vision of the event's founders and we think that it is only going to grow each year and help to bring more attention to what Sacramento has to offer. On top of that, we've got some cool stuff in the works: some killer interviews and features scheduled for this summer, possibly partnering with a local photographer to produce Submerge video content, as well as continuing to grow our circulation and distribution. It's an exciting time for us here at Submerge!


Be sure to check out the Submerge Magazine website for their latest edition + archives. If you want to follow the publication elsewhere, you can find them on Facebook and Twitter. Looking for newsprint-stained hands of your own? You can pick up the print version at just about every coffee shop, record store, boutique, salon, book store or hip restaurant in Midtown and Downtown Sacramento.

Happy reading! 

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