Photo taken by yours truly at the Women's March on Sacramento — January 21, 2017

Photo taken by yours truly at the Women's March on Sacramento — January 21, 2017


Art is a pretty powerful thing and the new We the Women campaign aims to use art as a way to start conversations, enact change, and do good—at a time when our country is truly being tested.

"Art has always been an empowering means for expression, voice, and change. WE THE WOMEN unite to protect vulnerable bodies who have been targeted by forms of violence and discrimination. We aim to advocate for health and reproductive rights, LGBTQ non-discrimination, job equity, domestic shelter and immigration services, among other causes that impact human lives.

In solidarity, WE THE WOMEN embarks on a campaign to create a series of VISUAL CAMPAIGNS around the nation. The series of installations will signify stewardship for the rights of women and all voices under threat. Our hope is that these visual displays of art will go where we cannot march and act to ignite and connect through the power and vision of art."
— Source: We the Women

Let's pause and take that in for a minute.

As you can see, this campaign is set to make some waves and I can't wait to see it unfold. It's the first campaign launched by Saving Faces, which is a maker's collective based out of San Francisco, and is being spearheaded by artist, author, illustrator (and more) Cat Seto. She's also got help from an advisory board made up of some pretty inspiring folks.

If you haven't signed the pledge, spread the word, or supported the cause yet—please consider doing so here. It's been over five months since women all over the world marched against the social injustices promised by the current administration and the power of the female collective voice is one that I see rising up again, and again, and again.

Let's keep going. 

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