Hey there!

My name is Jen and I'm a writer and podcaster whose work focuses on the intersection of adventure and creativity.  

I thoroughly enjoy crafting travel, business, and lifestyle stories, writing nonfiction pieces, and interviewing talented people. I also help clients bridge the gap between great design and thoughtful content through my work as a content and brand director. 

You can find my monthly column, along with regular print and online contributions at Comstock's magazine. I've also had the honor of contributing to Sactown Magazine, The Sacramento Bee, Design Sponge, Clementine Daily, and Submerge Magazine.

I've hosted a podcast called Creating Your Own Path since early 2014, through which I have the opportunity to speak with creative business owners about their work. It's amazing and has become a platform for collaborations such as the CYOP Artist Residency. I also recently self-published my first book, 100 Days of Discussion, produce a weekly newsletter, and run an online shop.

In my spare time, I focus on my family and friends, traveling, exploring, and simply enjoying life. I currently live in the Sacramento region of Northern California.