Here's the thing about the internet: it gets a bad rap. Sure, there are a lot of crazy things happening in this world and sometimes the web is complicit in that crazy, but there are also a ton of great things happening out there.

One of my favorite things about the internet is that it's allowed me to connect with so many incredible people in real life. Let me put it this way: without the internet, I would have never been introduced to the work of those I've interviewed on my podcast. And I certainly never would have been able to meet many of them in person when I took the show on the road in 2015

The thing is, there are so many cool things happening and I can't possibly interview everyone on Creating Your Own Path. All of those amazing people who are spearheading projects that bring people and acts of creativity together both on the web and in person? They deserve love too! (Edit: please note that a feature here does not preclude these people and projects from being featured on CYOP someday!

So, I'm starting a new monthly series dedicated to sharing really cool projects and ideas that are taking shape in both the digital and physical realms. Ready to get started with the first installment? Let's do it!

Thanks Internet // Volume 1 // The Blog Bloc

The Blog Bloc is a brand new organization for bloggers and content creators in the Sacramento region. It was launched in an effort to support content creators of all kinds — bloggers, podcasters, creative directors, etc. — through community-building and resource-sharing. The whole project is built on two primary values I can really appreciate:

  • There is room for all of us.
  • We all can learn from one another.

I also have to tell you that this new community is run by one of my favorite humans of all time: Kachet Jackson-Henderson of The Lipstick Giraffe. She's been sitting on this idea for a long time and was determined to make it happen! Since launching the project, she's held several community events that people are raving about.

While this is a Sacramento-based venture, I'm betting she has her heart set on expansion. There are so many people around the globe who could benefit from a community like this one. I've just signed up and can't wait to attend the next event!

Want to learn more? You can get the scoop here.