"In the words of my dear friend Amanda Carter Gomes, "Transition, like aging, is inevitable." She's right, of course. We're evolving as humans every day, but it's always interesting to watch someone evolve a business and Amanda is doing just that.

You may remember Amanda. You heard from her on Creating Your Own Path in 2015 when she was working hard as the executive editor of Clementine Daily (an online publication I worked for at the time) and she has just launched a new — and, dare I say, more evolved — brand that is so needed in the lifestyle publication space.

It's called The Fold Mag and it's "for women of an uncertain age and particular attitude." 

From The Fold Mag, you can expect a more in-depth look at what it means to be a woman in today's society from an intersectional perspective. I cannot wait to see what she and the writers will do with the space and I'm so proud to know the talented woman at the helm.

While much of the content will live online, The Fold Mag recently launched with an in-person event in Seattle and I have no doubt that many, many connections will be made, both online and off, as the publication makes its way into the world. 

Please go check it out when you have a moment!

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