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My Word for 2016: Methodical

My Word for 2016: Methodical

Whew! I'm still a little sluggish after climbing out of my self-imposed holiday season cocoon. How about you?

If you've been reading (or listening) along for a bit, you know that 2015 was a hefty year for me and mine. Though my word for last year served me well (pun intended), I still felt as though I was operating in a very reactive way. Spending so much time on the road is partly to blame and I think I simply kept moving forward without giving myself the space to put much-needed systems in place that would have made life easier.

So, this year my word is METHODICAL.

Ask anyone who truly knows me and they'll tell you that I'm a standard Type A personality. I make lists, I plan (and sometimes over plan) and the unknown makes me uncomfortable. However, I spent a lot of last year pushing my own boundaries, letting the unknown be more exciting than scary (it worked!) and allowing room for change. It was a growing year, that is for sure.

Now I'm feeling the need to let a least a little more of my Type A self back in. Going with the flow is great, but I've missed giving myself the time to map out both my work and life a bit more. I figure that if I bring some tried and true methods back into my world, I can (hopefully) capture the best of both worlds.

I can't wait to see how this word works its way into everything coming down the line in 2016. It's already been incredibly valuable as I take advantage of my podcasting break to work out a plan for Season 3 of the show.

So tell me friends: have you picked your word for the year?

p.s. Here's a little inspiration from the gal who got this whole "one little word" thing started.



Featured: Clementine Daily + Making Resolutions that Stick


Who's into making resolutions? (Raises hand.) And who here is tired of breaking resolutions by February 1st? (Looks around the room and points to self, "who me?").

Just before the holidays, I shared some simple ways to make resolutions that actually make sense. It's really easy to tell ourselves that giving up chocolate is a good idea, but let's be real – we've got bigger fish to fry.

Head on over and read the full article on Clementine Daily.


So how do you make resolutions that stick? I'm sure we can all benefit from one another's tips and suggestions, so feel free to share them in the comment section of the story!



2013: The Year of Creativity

Okay, so I'm fairly certain most bloggers and readers out there are tired of posts about resolutions and "this will be the year it all comes together!" rhetoric. In an attempt to steer clear of the usual "New Year, New Me" chatter, I'd like to instead offer up a promise:In 2013, I promise to create something every day.

Now, that doesn't necessarily mean I'll end up with 365 "somethings." It also doesn't mean I'll be posting everything I create to this blog. What it does mean is that I'll be working to explore my creativity every, single day.

  • I may finally draft that essay to submit for publication.
  • I might polish up those story pitches.
  • Maybe I'll work on creating a really well-composed photo.
  • I could modify a favorite recipe.
  • Heck, maybe I'll even start painting again!

Really, the opportunities to dive into the creative process are endless. I intend to use this promise as a way to remind myself every day that I am a creative person. I forget all the time. As I attempt to make a living doing what I love, I often focus too much on the accounting-marketing-promotional-bottom-line side of owning a business. Add in my penchant for worrying, and all of that business can send me down a path leading to everything except creativity.

So, since I'm on Day 1 of this promise, I'd like to share my first video edit using my new GoPro camera! I've been researching the tiny wonders for a while now and I finally decided to go for it. I shot this yesterday, but I edited the video this morning. We all know that edits are where the magic happens, right? Yeah. So I'm claiming this as something I created today. :)

Please change the quality to 720p or 1080p HD by clicking on the little gear icon along the bottom of the video window.

A few disclaimers:

1.) Yes, I'm aware that this is sooooo boring compared to the amazing GoPro edits out there and that I could have captured this footage with almost any camera. I figured it would be best to learn the functions of the camera on solid ground. Don't worry, I've got more exciting plans for this little dynamo of a camera in the future.

2.) As I share some of my creative endeavors, there's a really good chance that whatever I create will be... well... awful. I'm learning new things and sharing as I do so. Sometimes, I might share something terrible. You've been warned.

3.) This isn't really time-lapse photography. I just increased and decreased the speed of the video in iMovie. I know, I know... that's like cheating. I'm learning, remember!

I hope you'll stick with me on this resolution goal and hold me accountable. I thoroughly enjoy reading your comments and hearing more about your experiences, so if you have any tips or recommendations for nurturing one's creative side...I'm all ears!


Cheers, friends!