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Sacramento, Share Your Stories with Me!

Sacramento, Share Your Stories with Me!

I'm excited to officially announce that I'm working with Comstock's magazine here in Sacramento on a monthly web series about those who have gone through major career shifts to get to where they are today. 

For example, the first installment was a story about a couple who worked their corporate jobs while opening (and now running) a new brewery

What constitutes a major career shift?

Well, it's simple. Let's say you went to culinary school only to end up working as a professional photographer. I'd like to hear your story. Perhaps you were a touring musician for 15 years and now help people with financial planning. I'd definitely like to talk with you. Maybe you left your job as a teacher to open a coffee shop. Please—by all means—email me.

Now, I know many of you reading this are not in the greater Sacramento region, but we live in such a small world. If you know anyone who lives in Sacramento (or the nine surrounding counties) and might be a good fit, send them my way!

I can't promise that everyone who emails me will be featured, but the only way for me to hear about interesting stories like the examples above is for people to share them with me.

Here's how to send me your story:

  • Send an email to with the subject line: Career Shift.
  • Tell me your name and your current title and/or business name
  • Give me some quick specifics about your story: What was your major career shift? How did it happen? What caused you to make the change? 

That's it! Then, I'll respond and let you know if the story might be a good fit for the column. Sound good? Excellent. 

I can't wait to hear from you!



Featured: The Going and the Staying

As some of you may know, 2011 was a rough year. In early 2012, I started writing a very short essay titled, "The Going and the Staying." It came together quickly and I've been pitching it around ever since. Thankfully it landed in Under the Gum Tree, a publication dedicated to sharing true stories without shame.

While I haven't shared many personal essays in this space in the past, I thought it was about time I start. Here's an excerpt from that piece:

"The Going and the Staying" -- Jennifer E. Snyder for  Under the Gum Tree

The “zzzzzip” as I open the door to the camping tent is one of few audible sounds that morning. Stepping through the entry, I turn and look over my shoulder as my husband rustles himself from sleep. 

It’s my twenty-ninth birthday. 

Birds sing as the sun rises and we prepare our pre-hike coffee and tea. I am fairly certain we’re the only souls yet awake.

My mind wanders to a place disconnected from the dusty gravel underfoot and lands on the days leading up to this trip. Just over a month prior, I had been helping my family care for one of the most opinionated, cheeky and wise women I will ever know.

I could still see my Nana lying in the room she had once shared with my Papa. Frail, uncertain and so incredibly tired. She was dying.

In an instant I snap back to the present. I feel the earth beneath my feet and the crisp autumn air on my skin. “Shake it off,” I think to myself.

I smile up at my husband, not because he’s spreading peanut butter on our lunchtime sandwiches in a particularly delightful way, but because I cannot shake it off. 

Again I drift, remembering how Nana’s eyes lit up when I announced our upcoming trip to Yosemite. 

Throughout my impressionable teenage and young adult years, Nana’s pat response to the news of travel was always, “Go. Go now. Don’t wait.” Though she could hardly speak the day I tearfully hovered over her bed and told her about the trip, she had looked at me with wide, bright eyes, grasped my hand and mouthed the words, “Good . . . good.” The edges of her mouth turned slightly upward as she patted my hand, settled back onto the bed and closed her eyes.


As I mentioned, the excerpt above is from a short nonfiction essay recently published in the latest issue of Under the Gum Tree. To read the full essay and all of the beautifully told true stories in the magazine, please find digital and print copies here.



Celebrating Everyday Icons with Clementine Daily

Celebrating Everyday Icons with Clementine Daily -

Want to know the best part of being your own boss? 

In my opinion, it's comes down to having the freedom to shift, grow and change as you move through the journey. We cover that theme quite a bit on the Creating Your Own Path podcast and today I'm sharing more about a shifting collaboration with my favorite online publication, Clementine Daily.

New this year, I'll be working with the editorial team to help shine a brighter spotlight on some of the women I've already had a chance to interview for my show. You see, Clementine Daily has always had a column titled "Everyday Icon" that highlights amazing women and I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be contributing to that column fairly regularly.

You may have already seen a few of these articles this month, in which I had a chance to follow up with Anna Watson Carl of the Yellow Table and Melissa Camilleri of Compliment. If you have a moment, be sure to check them out. The goal is to see where the women are now, how they stay inspired (and sane) and what they've got coming down the line. I've absolutely loved digging a little deeper into the worlds of people I admire to find out how they do what they do.

And if you're a fan of some of the other articles I shared on Clementine Daily last year—don't fret. I'm working on a few other projects with them as well (like this one!), so stay tuned.

Here's to a beautiful year of collaborating, my friends!



A Sacramento Weekend with Clementine Daily

Tower Theatre in Sacramento, California

As I've mentioned here, here and here, Sacramento is an excellent place to live. It's had its ups and downs over the years (what city hasn't?), but the town I know and love is shining pretty brightly these days. 

I recently had a chance to create my perfect Sacramento weekend on assignment with Clementine Daily and the story went live today! It was incredibly difficult to choose just a handful of spots to highlight, but I hope the post will at least spark your desire to discover local institutions, new favorites and hidden gems in the place I proudly call home.

Head on over to Clementine Daily to check out the full story and feel free to add YOUR favorite spots to the list in the comment section!



Featured: Brazen Careerist + Top U.S. Companies for Culture + Values

So, you all know I love to chat with people who are doing their own thing and making careers out of their creative passions, but the same type of freedoms and relaxed atmospheres can oftentimes be found within office walls—if you know where to look.

Last week I had the opportunity to chat with the folks at Glassdoor about a recent report detailing the top 25 companies offering the best company culture and values for the Brazen Careerist blog. I'm always fascinated by forward-thinking companies that retain talented folks who—let's be honest—could potentially do really well working for themselves.

You can read the full article here.


So now I have a few questions for you all:

To those of you who work for a larger company or organization: what do you look for in terms of company culture?

And for my fellow freelancers and business owners: would you ever go back to working for someone else if it meant participating in a company culture you could really get behind?

Let's discuss...