Featured: "How to Strike Up a Conversation with Anyone" -- Jennifer Snyder for  Clementine Daily

It can be tough to be in situations where you don't really know anyone. Don't you think?

I'm often super guilty of grabbing my cell phone and scrolling through Instagram or Twitter rather than making small talk. But let's be real—that's just not as fun as meeting new people! 

So when I was asked to share some tips on striking up a conversation over on Clementine Daily this week, I knew I'd have to dig deep and really think about what's worked for me in the past.

You know what? It's always the simple gestures that make the grade.

You can read the full article here.


So, I'd love to hear your tips for striking up a conversation with anyone! How do you break the ice? Be sure to head over and share with us in the comment section!