Celebrating Everyday Icons with Clementine Daily - jenniferesnyder.com

Want to know the best part of being your own boss? 

In my opinion, it's comes down to having the freedom to shift, grow and change as you move through the journey. We cover that theme quite a bit on the Creating Your Own Path podcast and today I'm sharing more about a shifting collaboration with my favorite online publication, Clementine Daily.

New this year, I'll be working with the editorial team to help shine a brighter spotlight on some of the women I've already had a chance to interview for my show. You see, Clementine Daily has always had a column titled "Everyday Icon" that highlights amazing women and I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be contributing to that column fairly regularly.

You may have already seen a few of these articles this month, in which I had a chance to follow up with Anna Watson Carl of the Yellow Table and Melissa Camilleri of Compliment. If you have a moment, be sure to check them out. The goal is to see where the women are now, how they stay inspired (and sane) and what they've got coming down the line. I've absolutely loved digging a little deeper into the worlds of people I admire to find out how they do what they do.

And if you're a fan of some of the other articles I shared on Clementine Daily last year—don't fret. I'm working on a few other projects with them as well (like this one!), so stay tuned.

Here's to a beautiful year of collaborating, my friends!