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13 Ways to Get In the Holiday Spirit

13 Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

There's just something special about this time of year. The rain finally started to fall early this morning (we've had a pretty dry autumn around here) and I can't help but cross my fingers for more. The chill to the air makes time spent inside so cozy and the promise of a little snow in the mountains (I'm serious. Cross those fingers for us, okay?) has me dreaming of winter adventures. 

13 Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

Here are a 13 ways I'm enjoying life as 2013 starts winding down:

  1. Gathering the necessary ingredients to make my home smell delicious.
  2. Brewing lavender tea, thanks to goodies I've stashed away from the Lamm Farm.
  3. Making the holiday rum balls early so they have time to "rest" in the fridge. Yum.
  4. Learning just how easy it is to make your own brown sugar. I mean... come on.
  5. Taking walks in the early evening with my husband and our pup Hank -- even though it's dark outside.
  6. Using eucalyptus and steam to help ward off the sniffles.
  7. Pinning holiday inspiration like a mad woman.
  8. Making comfort food with an autumn-inspired twist.
  9. Creating and buying handmade gifts for family and friends.
  10. Gearing up for another snowshoeing adventure and promising my husband that I will take more snowboarding lessons this winter.
  11. Wishing we could find a friend for Hank the way we found one for our beloved Zen a few years back. Puppies at Christmastime are the best.
  12. Actively looking for friends who are up for hot chocolate dates at my favorite spot in town. Three words: European Sipping Chocolate. 
  13. Decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving. While I despise how the holiday shopping season continues to creep toward Thanksgiving, I don't see anything wrong with putting up a few early twinkle lights. Do you?


So what has you loving the season? Any fun adventures planned as the temperatures start to drop or are you content to cozy up by a warm fire? Either way, I vote for closing down 2013 with equal parts inspiration, love and adventure. Who's with me?

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Grand Tetons + Edward Abbey + Happy Links


"May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome,  dangerous, leading to the most amazing view."// Edward Abbey

Happy Links:

  • Erin Loechner from Design for Mankind posted this amazing video to her design blog for tiny humans, Design for Minikind and it totally made my day. Children are the best at telling it like it is. I truly feel like we grown-ups can learn a thing or two from these small, wise souls.
  • Love art and food? Me too. I came across this beautiful post on the Anthology Magazine blog and now I'm hungry and kind of want to hit up the show.
  • If I'm ever feeling a bit lacking in the wanderlust department, Designtripper always comes through like a champ. This post on winter cabins has me wishing for a warm fire and a bit more chilly weather.

Wrap it Up:

  • Way back when, I mentioned wanting to write more about where I live. The Sacramento region is a wonderful place to live and I love sharing my favorite spots and activities with people. So, I put together a few of my favorite places to take a stroll in Sacramento. It's looking like we have a beautiful weekend ahead of us, so let's all go outside shall we?
  • I'm having a wonderful time dishing on my favorite independent publications in the 'Cover to Cover' series. I was lucky enough to get my hands on Volume 4 of Off Switch Magazine and interview Founder and Editor-in-Chief Katie Michels this week. If you missed it, you can check it out here.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend!



A Mud-Luscious, Puddle-Wonderful Weekend

In the poem "in Just" by E. E. Cummings, the world is described as both "mud-luscious" and "puddle-wonderful" as spring arrives. I've always loved the way those adjectives roll off the tongue.While we're definitely experiencing the beginning of winter here in Northern California, this past weekend was as bright and shiny as they come (aside from a bit of morning fog). I'd go so far as to call the last few days spring-like. Add a healthy dose of mud and a puddle or two and you've got yourself a good time.


The hubs and I took the dogs out to the family ranch for some much-needed exercise. I won't lie: it was also a good excuse to get me on the back of the dirt bike (which never, ever happens).


{Photos edited with Instagram. You can find me on Instagram @JenSnyder}

It was absolutely perfect. Days like this past Saturday make me so grateful for the little life we've created.

Here's a smattering of goodness in the form of a video:

{Created with the iPhone5 by yours truly. Music by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals.}

Now, I know it's the beginning of a new week (which can always be a downer), but I'm aiming to turn that around. What has you feeling a bit of post-weekend gratitude? Link up in the comment section if you'd like to share.