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Meet Grace "Gracie" Snyder

It's true! We are super excited to welcome a new addition to our family. Apologies if you've already seen enough of Grace on Instagram, but I couldn't help sharing her story in this space as well.

We adopted Grace from Sutter Animal Services in Yuba City last week and—though we're pretty tired from puppy wake-up calls every few hours—she's making herself right at home. This is the second time we've adopted a dog from a shelter (read Hank's story here and here) and I must say, there's nothing better. 

I will note, however, that it's important to be flexible. According to the kind folks at Sutter Animal Services, Grace's mom came to the shelter pregnant and the whole litter was born there and fostered out until they were ready for adoption. We had actually seen Grace's brother on when the litter became available and by the time we made it to the shelter, he had already been adopted. 

Not to worry, though: we left with this little cutie instead.

If you're interested in adopting an animal from a shelter, is a great place to start. While we've gone the puppy route again, there are a ton of lovable adult dogs out there too. We've used PetHarbor to see what dogs are available at shelters near us and it's worked out pretty well so far!


On a work-related note, we'll be soaking up the cuteness over here and working on projects while she naps (napping puppies are the best!). For all of you Creating Your Own Path listeners out there, I'll be taking a quick break from the podcast next week, but I'll be back with two new podcasts in June. I've also got plenty of fun news to share in the mean time.

See you next week, friends!



Tall Trees + Thoreau + Happy Links


Well, we've made it to Friday and I'm back with a snap, a quote and a handful of happy links for you. I'm also adding links to all of my posts for the week... you know... just in case you missed anything. ;)

{"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees." // Henry David Thoreau}

Happy Links:

  • Can we just talk about the visually stunning recipes over on The Forest Feast for a moment? So lovely.
  • This post by Megan of The Fresh Exchange about her experience at Alt Summit is so incredibly honest. After seeing all of the "hustle, hustle, primp, wear polka dots, sell, sell, sell" recaps about Alt, I had questioned whether or not I'd ever go. This is a great reminder that not every blog is the same and we don't all have the same goals.
  • I've been following Patti Murphy's Project 365 and am loving her "things to think, believe and do."
  • This video. So hilarious. So ridiculous. So true. {Warning: this is the explicit version. Bust out those headphones if you're living the cubical/coffee shop/co-working life today.}
  • It's been tough for me to stop admiring the work of Nicole Franzen after finding her work in the latest edition of Wayfare Magazine. Just look at her photos of the English Countryside.... {sigh}....

Wrap it Up:

If you missed any posts from this week, just follow the links!

  • Catch my latest GoPro video edit + dirt bike shenanigans + black lab cuteness right here.
  • Read a review of the new Wayfare Magazine here. {spoiler alert: it's incredible}.
  • Remember summer with me in a fun guest post I put together for my friends over at the California State Parks Foundation over here.


Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend, all!



Go Outside: Running the Pups


Good Monday morning, my friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.We've had a bit of a rough month in the health department. As soon as we recover from one set of germs, some other germ invades our space. The best cure for illness is generally rest, but we have to get out and run our pups!


{Disclaimer: Heck, NO, I don't drive that thing! I'm totally a posing in the photo above. I'm actually just now working up the nerve to ride on the we drive slowly...on dirt roads. I'm sort of a wimp when it comes to ... well... pretty much everything. ;)}

We often head out to the Snyder family ranch on the weekends to stretch our legs, get a bit muddy and -- I won't lie -- play with the new GoPro. The last two weekends have been beautiful and resulted in this silly little video:

{My apologies to those who don't like dogs. And no, I can't give you that 1:45 of your life back.}

In my opinion, sunshine does a body good. It lifted our moods a bit, anyway. How do you all cope with illness and the cabin fever that's sure to follow?

Here's to all of us getting healthy and staying that way! Who's with me?


Have a great week, all.



A Mud-Luscious, Puddle-Wonderful Weekend

In the poem "in Just" by E. E. Cummings, the world is described as both "mud-luscious" and "puddle-wonderful" as spring arrives. I've always loved the way those adjectives roll off the tongue.While we're definitely experiencing the beginning of winter here in Northern California, this past weekend was as bright and shiny as they come (aside from a bit of morning fog). I'd go so far as to call the last few days spring-like. Add a healthy dose of mud and a puddle or two and you've got yourself a good time.


The hubs and I took the dogs out to the family ranch for some much-needed exercise. I won't lie: it was also a good excuse to get me on the back of the dirt bike (which never, ever happens).


{Photos edited with Instagram. You can find me on Instagram @JenSnyder}

It was absolutely perfect. Days like this past Saturday make me so grateful for the little life we've created.

Here's a smattering of goodness in the form of a video:

{Created with the iPhone5 by yours truly. Music by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals.}

Now, I know it's the beginning of a new week (which can always be a downer), but I'm aiming to turn that around. What has you feeling a bit of post-weekend gratitude? Link up in the comment section if you'd like to share.



This is Me, Sharing About Not Sharing

There is a place we go every year (often more than once) that I simply can't share with you. If you know me, you know this is a tough one. I love sharing the places I find in my travels. It's one of the (many) reasons I started this blog.