It's been nearly two and a half weeks since my last blog post and I couldn't be happier about that. Why? Well, I happen to love when real life goodness gets in the way of online time. I've been completely preoccupied with having a blast and this blog just had to take a back seat.I knew the month of May was going to be a busy one. I've said yes to so many wonderful things as of late. Here's a visual sneak peek at what I've been up to:


{Gotta love Instagram. It's such a fun way to document the goings on. I'm at @jensnyder, if you'd like to follow my adventures.}

What exactly have I been saying yes to?

  • Nerding out over the recent super moon and annular solar eclipse
  • Meeting with prospective clients
  • Catching up with friends at Concerts in the Park, over lunch and during happy hour
  • Road tripping with the hubs to Montana for my best friend's graduation
  • Planning and celebrating my mom's birthday in style
  • Applying for full-time gigs because it just doesn't hurt to throw your hat in the ring
  • Traveling to Portland for a 'crap, we're all turning 30 this year' girls weekend
  • Trying to make healthier choices and create better habits
  • Planning a little something special for the hubs' birthday
  • Testing out WordAds on this here blog (jury is still out on whether or not they'll stay)
  • Working with the professionals on our kitchen lighting project
  • DIYing our backyard makeover
  • Preparing to celebrate 4 years of marriage with a trip to Calistoga next month


As always, I'm also trying to show those I care about as much love as possible. I've been getting lots of love in return, let me tell ya.

What have you said yes to recently? Has it filled up your calendar so much that you've started saying no as well? How do you balance all of your real life goodness?