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CYOP #80 - The Power of Routines + Why Company Culture Matters with Christine Amorose of C'est Christine


CYOP #80 - The Power of Routines + Why Company Culture Matters with Christine Amorose of C'est Christine

CYOP #80 - The Power of Routines + Why Company Culture Matters with Christine Amorose of C'est Christine //

Today’s guest is a good one you guys! I’ve been following the career of Christine Amorose since I stumbled upon her blog C’est Christine about five years ago. She has not only filled the last six years with amazing travel experiences, but she’s also landed jobs with incredible companies (she currently works for Vimeo) and worked on really cool projects on the side.

In the interview we talk about how she carves out time for her creative side hustles and why schedules and lists are key. We also dive into what values she looks for in a company that indicate a culture that welcomes creative thinking both on and off the job, the logistics behind working full time, traveling regularly and taking on side gigs, why her full-time work and side hustles complement each other so well and much more.





"Be intentional about carving out time to do what it is that you want to do." — Christine Amorose, C'est Christine


Follow along with Christine's adventures:



Tall Trees + Thoreau + Happy Links


Well, we've made it to Friday and I'm back with a snap, a quote and a handful of happy links for you. I'm also adding links to all of my posts for the week... you know... just in case you missed anything. ;)

{"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees." // Henry David Thoreau}

Happy Links:

  • Can we just talk about the visually stunning recipes over on The Forest Feast for a moment? So lovely.
  • This post by Megan of The Fresh Exchange about her experience at Alt Summit is so incredibly honest. After seeing all of the "hustle, hustle, primp, wear polka dots, sell, sell, sell" recaps about Alt, I had questioned whether or not I'd ever go. This is a great reminder that not every blog is the same and we don't all have the same goals.
  • I've been following Patti Murphy's Project 365 and am loving her "things to think, believe and do."
  • This video. So hilarious. So ridiculous. So true. {Warning: this is the explicit version. Bust out those headphones if you're living the cubical/coffee shop/co-working life today.}
  • It's been tough for me to stop admiring the work of Nicole Franzen after finding her work in the latest edition of Wayfare Magazine. Just look at her photos of the English Countryside.... {sigh}....

Wrap it Up:

If you missed any posts from this week, just follow the links!

  • Catch my latest GoPro video edit + dirt bike shenanigans + black lab cuteness right here.
  • Read a review of the new Wayfare Magazine here. {spoiler alert: it's incredible}.
  • Remember summer with me in a fun guest post I put together for my friends over at the California State Parks Foundation over here.


Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend, all!