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Meet Grace "Gracie" Snyder

It's true! We are super excited to welcome a new addition to our family. Apologies if you've already seen enough of Grace on Instagram, but I couldn't help sharing her story in this space as well.

We adopted Grace from Sutter Animal Services in Yuba City last week and—though we're pretty tired from puppy wake-up calls every few hours—she's making herself right at home. This is the second time we've adopted a dog from a shelter (read Hank's story here and here) and I must say, there's nothing better. 

I will note, however, that it's important to be flexible. According to the kind folks at Sutter Animal Services, Grace's mom came to the shelter pregnant and the whole litter was born there and fostered out until they were ready for adoption. We had actually seen Grace's brother on when the litter became available and by the time we made it to the shelter, he had already been adopted. 

Not to worry, though: we left with this little cutie instead.

If you're interested in adopting an animal from a shelter, is a great place to start. While we've gone the puppy route again, there are a ton of lovable adult dogs out there too. We've used PetHarbor to see what dogs are available at shelters near us and it's worked out pretty well so far!


On a work-related note, we'll be soaking up the cuteness over here and working on projects while she naps (napping puppies are the best!). For all of you Creating Your Own Path listeners out there, I'll be taking a quick break from the podcast next week, but I'll be back with two new podcasts in June. I've also got plenty of fun news to share in the mean time.

See you next week, friends!