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CYOP #9 - Finding the Right Work/Life Blend with Maritza and Roshaun Davis of Unseen Heroes

Maritza + Roshaun Davis of  Unseen Heroes . // Photo:   Milou and Olin Photography

Maritza + Roshaun Davis of Unseen Heroes. // Photo: Milou and Olin Photography

If any of you out there have attended an incredible event and wondered how it all came together, this is the show for you. Roshaun and Maritza Davis are the husband and wife team behind Unseen Heroes, which produces many of Sacramento's most popular events. They're super talented and have a knack for bringing together the perfect mix of food, music, artists, makers and more to create incredible event experiences. 

I had an opportunity to chat with them earlier this week and we covered a lot of ground—everything from collaboration and engaging the creative community to making memories and learning how to blend work, play and everything in between. My favorite discussion came in around 15:00 when I asked them about work/life balance and Roshaun noted, "We used to read books about how to work with your spouse or how to create [a] balance [...] People would tell us that we had to separate work from play from family [...] What we have found is that it's a blend [...] We've blended it all."

It only gets better from there and let me tell you: these two have a lot of inspiration and wisdom to share. Happy listening, my friends!


Show description: Today's episode brings me to ThinkHouse Collective in midtown Sacramento to chat with Roshaun and Maritza Davis of Unseen Heroes. Together they founded the Sacramento-based event production company, which hosts and produces dozens of events and gatherings throughout the region and beyond.

Listen in as we discuss the importance of collaboration, how they've created a life/work continuum (rather than balance) that suits them and where they find inspiration for their event concepts. 


Get to know Maritza and Roshaun and follow along with their upcoming adventures!



Special thanks to ThinkHouse Collective in Midtown Sacramento for the use of their recording space.


I hope you've enjoyed listening to the episode as much I enjoyed creating it, my friends. Please be sure to head over to iTunes to subscribe, rate and review Creating Your Own Path, if you have a moment. You can also keep up with the podcast over on The Stitcher App. I really do appreciate your feedback and support! 



Why I Love the GOOD: Street Food + Design Market


This is the only photo I took at last weekend's GOOD: Street Food + Design Market

I know what you're thinking.

"What kind of blogger are you, anyway?!"  

Here's the thing: I was having way too much fun perusing the vendor booths, catching up with friends and scoping out the food trucks. You know... being present at an event instead of seeing it as potential blog content.

I often get caught up in that mess. I find myself having a great time and then BOOM I'm suddenly thinking, "Man...I really should break out my camera and chat up some of the vendors to see if they'd like to be featured." Sigh...

So this is what real life looks like, my friends: one yummy Instagram-able drink from the Restaurant Thir13en booth and a whole lot of fun I didn't document. 

That is precisely why I love events like GOOD. The market is full of all kinds of amazing stuff: art and cooking demonstrations, tons of great shopping, music, food served from trucks, a photo booth and more. And If you're a (sometimes) lazy blogger like me, you'll forget content for a day and simply enjoy yourself. :)

That said, there are several local (and more diligent) bloggers who have covered the market in the past. Check out these posts to see what it's all about:

The free event is held every first Sunday, May through December at 1409 Del Paso Blvd. here in Sacramento. You can also visit the official websiteFacebook page and Twitter feed for more GOOD goodness between events. 

If you live in the Sacramento area or find yourself heading this direction on the first Sunday of the month, be sure to check it out. You'll be glad you did.

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Farm to Fork Field Trip: Feeding Crane Farms

As I mentioned last week, I'm currently enrolled in Anne Ditmeyer's Skillshare class, Map Design: Learn to Communicate Places Beautifully.My project is a map illustrating the route(s) food takes to get from farm to fork here in Sacramento, which is just one out of hundreds of projects posted by students from around the world.

I've been working to set up field trips in an effort to better understand the ins and outs of the farm to fork process. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to tour Feeding Crane Farms, which is located just a few miles north of the central city.


It was a beautiful day. Everyone on the team was happy to let me document the harvest and ask a ton of questions. I even had a chance to chat with General Manager Shannin Stein about the farm and the part they play in the farm to fork process.

Founded in 2011, Feeding Crane Farms has quickly become a respected source for fresh, organic produce among chefs and local foodies. The team supplies products to dozens of local restaurants and several grocery stores in the Sacramento area, they have a presence at farmers markets in the fall and summer months and will relaunch their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in the coming weeks.

According to Stein, the next several months will bring an increased focus on community partnerships, educational opportunities and events both on and off the farm. "Our goal is to really be viewed as Sacramento's farm," she said. "We are so close to town and have an opportunity to offer a place where people can come connect with farming."

Needless to say, I was very impressed by the attention to detail in their efforts to boost community engagement and cross-promotion with other small businesses. They're reaching out to unconventional partners to better serve neighborhoods in our area without much access to fresh produce and the team seems incredibly committed, not only to maintaining a sustainable business, but also to helping others do the same.

Keep your eye on Feeding Crane Farms, my friends. They're doing amazing work in the Sacramento area. If you want to learn more about the farm and get updates about future events, be sure to sign up for their newsletter on the homepage. You can also find them on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter here.


As for my map project, I didn't get a chance to capture the delivery process to a local restaurant. However, I do know that some of that beautiful Red Russian Kale is being delivered to Corti Brothers, if any of my Sacramento friends are in the market for fresh, leafy greens.

I'm hoping to set up the restaurant portion of this field trip very soon. Stay tuned!

Your turn: Do you have a favorite small, urban farm in your community? Have you ever wondered how far your food has to travel to get to your plate?



Follow Friday: Launch2012

The Sacramento region is full of creativity. Those of you who live here already know that and it's probably safe to bet that you tell people often. Am I right?We're proud of our creative tendencies here in the capital city and we celebrate them every chance we get. However, it is my humble opinion that we truly haven't seen anything. Yet.

Enter: LAUNCH2012


{Screen shot taken from}

LAUNCH started back in 2009 as a way to showcase all of Sacramento's creative talents in one place. I attended the event last year for the first time and it was incredible.

This year, they've stepped it up. Big time. The festival will span six days (six days!) at eight different venues around Sacramento's central city and will be the biggest art, design, fashion, music and architecture mash-up this city has ever seen.

There is no way I'm going to do this collection of awesomeness justice by simply writing about it, so your best bet is to first visit the LAUNCH2012 website.

Then do yourself a favor and check out the Facebook and Twitter pages set up for the event. Then for the love of all things sacred, go BACK to the website and buy tickets! Do it! You'll kick yourself in the shins if you miss this.

Okay, it's really tough to kick yourself in the shins. I'll do it. Don't make me.

Oh alright, I'm a lover not a fighter.

But seriously...why are you still here. Go get your tickets!


See you all there! Happy Friday, friends!