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Why I Love the GOOD: Street Food + Design Market


This is the only photo I took at last weekend's GOOD: Street Food + Design Market

I know what you're thinking.

"What kind of blogger are you, anyway?!"  

Here's the thing: I was having way too much fun perusing the vendor booths, catching up with friends and scoping out the food trucks. You know... being present at an event instead of seeing it as potential blog content.

I often get caught up in that mess. I find myself having a great time and then BOOM I'm suddenly thinking, "Man...I really should break out my camera and chat up some of the vendors to see if they'd like to be featured." Sigh...

So this is what real life looks like, my friends: one yummy Instagram-able drink from the Restaurant Thir13en booth and a whole lot of fun I didn't document. 

That is precisely why I love events like GOOD. The market is full of all kinds of amazing stuff: art and cooking demonstrations, tons of great shopping, music, food served from trucks, a photo booth and more. And If you're a (sometimes) lazy blogger like me, you'll forget content for a day and simply enjoy yourself. :)

That said, there are several local (and more diligent) bloggers who have covered the market in the past. Check out these posts to see what it's all about:

The free event is held every first Sunday, May through December at 1409 Del Paso Blvd. here in Sacramento. You can also visit the official websiteFacebook page and Twitter feed for more GOOD goodness between events. 

If you live in the Sacramento area or find yourself heading this direction on the first Sunday of the month, be sure to check it out. You'll be glad you did.

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