Photo: Christopher Stark

Today’s episode is the first in a new series focused on those who teach their craft to others and it brought me to the studio of Jen Hewett in San Francisco a few weeks ago.

Jen is an illustrator, printmaker and surface designer who has been teaching block printing to others over the last several years and she has just recently transitioned to working on her art full time. I was, of course, curious to see how adding the element of teaching to her business model made that transition possible.

In the interview we talk about some of the issues that come up around teaching others to do what you do and why Jen truly wants to see her students open their own block printing shops and studios. She also chats very candidly about how she sets boundaries regarding her time and skills, how she's committing to breaking out of her routines this year and much more.





"I want people to develop their skills enough that they're excited about opening their own shops." -- Jen Hewett, artist designer + printmaker //