Natalie Davis of  Canoe  // Photo:  Daniel Brock

Natalie Davis of Canoe // Photo: Daniel Brock

Today’s show brings to the home of Natalie Davis of the leather goods brand, Canoe, to chat about her career path, the growth she’s seen with her leatherworking business over the years and the magical land in which she creates—Austin, Texas.

If you happen upon Natalie’s website, you may not realize that she also helps her husband with his business venture—a butcher shop and restaurant in Austin—and that up until recently, she was also a design professor. In the interview, we dive into all of her different roles and how each one feeds into her creativity in different ways. 

I’ve admired Natalie’s work for a long time and I know you guys are going to love hearing more about her work and her fantastic advice for those looking to go out on their own.





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"Go slow and be present." - Natalie Davis of Canoe


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