When I first started dreaming about taking the big CYOP Road Trip, I was incredibly excited to meet people I've always admired and explore cities I've always wanted to visit. However, I didn't quite expect to come home with so much perspective on things like minimizing the amount of stuff we keep, pushing back against the fear surrounding solo female travel and supporting my own creative community here in Sacramento.

That last topic is one that's always been important to me, but my trip and the experiences I earned along the way gave me a bit more to think about. I was recently approached by The Sacramento Bee to share my thoughts in essay form and I'm happy to report that the piece can be found in today's Forum section! The piece is one in a series of essays written by creative professionals in our area about Sacramento's strengths, some opportunities to improve our community and the future of the region.

So if you're in Sacramento be sure to snag a copy! I'm incredibly grateful to the staff at the paper for offering creatives in our area a platform to share our stories. If you're not in the area and want to read it online, you can find the full piece here.