Rich Arentzen of  AO Glass  // Photo:  Eli Atticus Jager

Rich Arentzen of AO Glass // Photo: Eli Atticus Jager

Today's show brings me to the Burlington, Vermont hot shop (or blown glass factory) of AO Glass to interview Owner and General manager Rich Arentzen, who has been in the glass blowing industry for decades.

During the interview, I learned more about how he got started as a glass blower and just how winding his career path has been. We also talked a lot about the importance of reaching out to others—even if it’s a little scary—and why craft, community, collaboration and financial sustainability have to come together to maintain a successful business.

Toward the end of the interview, he also told a quick story about some advice his Italian grandmother gave him and I have to tell you—it hit pretty close to home.





"As an artist, I feel like you have an obligation to engage with the general public in one way or another." - Rich Arentzen, AO Glass