On Living Out of the Trunk of My Car for Six Weeks

It's funny the things that keep popping into my mind about being on the road.

I've been listening to favorite playlists while I work and when a certain song comes on, I find myself smiling as I recall that stretch of I-95 lined with trees that weren't quite ready to change. There were a lot of songs belted out at the tippy top of my range that day, you guys. It may or may not have been pretty, but I suppose that's just one of the perks of traveling solo, right? 

I've also been digging through business cards, postcards and pamphlets I picked up along the way to remind myself of cool people, shops, art galleries and towns. As you might guess, I've been smiling a lot at those as well.

The one thing that I can't stop thinking about, however, is just how little I needed while I was traveling. My trunk was full, but I really lived out of a carry-on bag for much of the trip. I basically rotated the same items of clothing and washed them along the way. It was simple, no-fuss and—quite frankly—easier than having an abundance of options.

So, when I got home and was presented with an opportunity to team up with my friends at Clementine Daily and Glad's Glad to Give campaign, I couldn't wait to start going through my closet, to let go of my "maybe I'll wear it someday" clothes and to give certain items a new home.

You can read the full post here, my friends, and I hope you'll join me in paring things down a bit this fall. I must admit, it feels pretty darn great.