I’m pretty excited to share today’s episode, you guys, because it brings me to the lovely home of Grace Bonney and Julia Turshen in upstate New York. 

I’ve been following Grace’s work with Design Sponge for a long time and have come to truly appreciate Julia’s work as a food writer along the way. Of course it was wonderful to meet the two of them in person and in the interview we actually talk a lot about the wonders of the internet and how important it is to use it as a tool to connect with others face-to-face.

We also talk about the process behind Julia’s work and how it all boils down to creating something people can trust, the moments in Grace’s career when she’s felt most fulfilled, how moving upstate has changed both their life and work for the better and what they’ve been working on lately.





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"Slowing down isn't a slow death, it's just the next chapter." - Grace Bonney, Design Sponge
"Good work takes time and that's okay." - Food Writer Julia Turshen


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