Ana Manzano of Ana Apple + The Greenhouse // Photo:  @waynederlust

Ana Manzano of Ana Apple + The Greenhouse // Photo: @waynederlust

Today's show brings me to the Old Sacramento storefront of Ana Apple. As many of you know, I love chatting with people in my hometown of Sacramento, California and  Ana Manzano is no exception. She's the mastermind behind the handmade children’s clothing and accessories brand and her company just expanded in a big way thanks to a local small business contest. 

In the interview we talk about how the contest has helped Ana become a better business owner, her recent trials and triumphs as she’s moved from an online and wholesale business to a brick and mortar shop and the way she’s incorporating an educational component into the storefront.




"Have the confidence to know that your idea has validity." - Ana Manzano, Ana Apple + The Greenhouse


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