Preston Tillotson and Tyler Robinson of  Sudz by Studz .

Preston Tillotson and Tyler Robinson of Sudz by Studz.

Meet Preston Tillotson and Tyler Robinson, everyone! They're the makers behind a very successful line of artisan skincare products, Sudz by Studz, and they were kind enough to join me on today's episode to talk creativity for a bit.

Both Preston and Tyler have very diverse backgrounds and I found it so interesting to hear how their journeys led them to soap making. If you're interested in turning a hobby into a business, want to know how a philosophy student and musician came to become soap makers or just love learning more about creating products for sale, this is the show for you. 


"Know your brand. It's much easier to create if you know who you are, what you're making and who you're making it for." --Preston Tillotson  //
"Don't sit around waiting for someone to tell you that you can do it. You have to be proactive." --Tyler Robinson  // 


Today's show brings me to ThinkHouse Collective to chat with Preston Tillotson and Tyler Robinson, owners of Sudz by Studz. Together they create artisan skincare products and I am so inspired by their story.

Listen in as we chat about how they went from a contestant on The Voice (Tyler) and a student of philosophy (Preston) to becoming professional soap makers, the new company they've just acquired, their incredibly wise advice to those just starting out. Happy listening! 




Learn more about Tyler and Preston and follow along with their upcoming projects!



Special thanks to ThinkHouse Collective in Midtown Sacramento for the use of their recording space.



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