Autumn Sky Hall // Singer, songwriter and front woman for the band  Autumn Sky .

Autumn Sky Hall // Singer, songwriter and front woman for the band Autumn Sky.

I've always been drawn to musicians. I'm not sure if it's due to my intense stage fright or my deep appreciation for the the perfect lyric, but I've always held those who write, compose and perform music in high regard. Autumn Sky Hall grabbed my attention several years ago and has always struck me as one to watch. She kindly joined me at ThinkHouse yesterday to chat about her creative journey and where she sees her music career heading in the years to come. Whether you're looking to pursue music in some way or you're simply a fan of the good stuff, I think you'll get a good dose of inspiration from this show. Happy listening!


Episode description: On today's show I'm joined at ThinkHouse Collective by Autumn Sky Hall of the band Autumn Sky. 

Listen in as she chats about her career, how she views earning money from creative pursuits, where she finds inspiration, how her sound differs now that she's got a band and why it's so important to operate from a place of kindness.



"Creativity is not a competition." -Autumn Sky Hall //



Special thanks to ThinkHouse Collective in Midtown Sacramento for the use of their recording space.



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