Chef Sylvanna Mislang of   The Roaming Spoon

Chef Sylvanna Mislang of The Roaming Spoon

Meet Chef Sylvanna Mislang, everyone! She is the mastermind behind the incredibly popular vegan pop-up dining experience, The Roaming Spoon. She's been a professional chef for years, works at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op (where she's supplied with endless amounts of inspiration for new dishes) and now creates dozens of sold-out pop-up events throughout the city.

She joined me earlier this month at ThinkHouse where we discussed everything: from why she stopped working in restaurants and what her mentors taught her over the years to her favorite show-stopping dishes and how she's bringing vegan food to the non-vegan masses. Even if you don't live in Sacramento and aren't into vegan food, I think you'll get a lot out of this episode. Enjoy!



Episode description: Today I'm joined at ThinkHouse Collective by professional chef and creator of The Roaming Spoon, Sylvanna Mislang. The Roaming Spoon is a vegan pop-up dining experience launched by Chef Syl in 2013 that has been met with rave reviews and sold-out events.

In the interview, we discuss her career path, why she decided to focus on vegan food even though she's not vegan, the dishes her guests can't stop talking about and the importance of connecting around a table with good food. Happy listening!



Follow along with Chef Syl's culinary adventures!




Special thanks to ThinkHouse Collective in Midtown Sacramento for the use of their recording space.



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