In today's episode, I'm taking a look back at a year of great interviews. I've had the opportunity to chat with some incredible people since I launched this show in February and I decided to pull some of my favorite moments from a handful of this year's shows to share. This show has inspired me, offered up learning moments and reminded me that we're not alone in our creative pursuits. I truly hope you've all enjoyed the season as much as I have. Happy listening and happy holidays to each and every one of you!





Episodes mentioned in the show include:

  • Episode 8 - Creating Your Own Path with Artists Sofia Lacin + Hennessy Christophel
  • Episode 9 - Creating Your Own Path with Maritza + Roshaun Davis of Unseen Heroes
  • Episode 4 - Creating Your Own Path with Colin Delehanty + Sheldon Neill of Project Yosemite
  • Episode 3 - Creating Your Own Path with Melissa Camilleri of Compliment
  • Episode 7 - Creating Your Own Path with Anna Watson Carl of The Yellow Table
  • Episode 16 - Creating Your Own Path with Preston Tillotson + Tyler Robinson of Sudz by Studz
  • Episode 13 - Creating Your Own Path with Gina Begin of the Outdoor Women's Alliance
  • Episode 14 - Creating Your Own Path with Rob Stewart from KVIE's Rob on the Road


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