Tentative CYOP Road Trip Dates + Cities Announced!

My goodness it takes a lot of planning to pull off a six-week podcast road trip! I'm still reaching out to and confirming potential podcast guests, so please note that pretty much everything listed below has the potential to change! 

I'm feeling incredibly overwhelmed and excited at the moment, but those feelings are outweighed by massive amounts of gratitude. Everyone who has tuned in to the show, subscribed, shared it with friends and left comments/reviews has truly made a trip like this one possible—so THANK YOU.

Let's get down to the details, shall we? Here are the very tentative dates for each stop along the way: 

Note that some dates below have changed!

  • August 25 - Missoula, MT
  • August 29 - Minneapolis, MN
  • September 1 - Chicago, IL (and surrounding areas)
  • September 4 - Cleveland, OH
  • September 6 + 7 - Upstate NY
  • September 9 - Burlington, VT
  • September 11 - Baltimore, MD
  • September 14 - Greenville, SC
  • September 16 - Atlanta, GA
  • September 18 - Nashville, TN
  • September 22 - Austin, TX
  • September 28 - San Francisco, CA

There will, of course, be a whole lot of sightseeing along the way (for example, I'm hoping to make it to The Grand Canyon by my birthday on September 24!) and there will be plenty of stop-overs in some awesome cities in between. 

Just a few more items of note:

Limited Tour Stops
As I was planning out the trip, I had to remind myself that it was impossible to hit every city I wanted to visit in six-weeks. I'm convinced that it would take a full year of travel to meet up with every creative I have on my ever-growing list. I'll only be able to interview one or two people in each city since my time will be so limited at each stop. That said, if you know of any inspiring creatives who live and work in one of the cities above, (remember: they need to be working in a creative field and should have a great story to tell), please feel free to reach out using this form.

Road Trip Episodes
Much like my shorter road trips earlier this year, the episodes will not be broadcast in real time. The goal is to have podcast episodes lined up through August so that I can get a bit of a head start and settle in to recording, editing and sharing episodes while I'm on the road.

Sponsorships Now Available
I'm also currently on the hunt for a few sponsors for the road trip shows—specifically in the accommodations, health/wellness/food and transportation categories. If you or someone you know works with a national brand that might be a good fit for the show, please feel free to reach out for a media kit.

Freelancing Break
Because I'll be devoting the majority of my energy to the show and... well... getting from point A to B to C, I'll be taking time off from much of my freelance and consulting work. So, if you've been meaning to schedule office hours with me or had hoped to work with me on content creation, now's the time to sign up! I'll be putting everything on hold from August 14 - October 5, 2015.

That's about all I have to announce at the moment, but I'll be updating the #CYOProadtrip page with any and all details as they become available. I just have to thank you all again for your ongoing support. This is a huge leap for the show and for my work as a whole. I couldn't do it without you all!