Caroline Winata + Josh Daniels of  Giggle + Riot ,  GoodWork HQ ,  Milou + Olin Photography  + more! // Photo:  Jill Carmel Photography

Caroline Winata + Josh Daniels of Giggle + Riot, GoodWork HQMilou + Olin Photography + more! // Photo: Jill Carmel Photography

Today's show brings me to Sacramento's GoodWork HQ to chat with Caroline Wintata and Josh Daniels about all of their various businesses. Caroline is a photographer who focuses primarily on weddings, portraits and boudoir sessions and together they run Giggle + Riot, a photo booth rental company; GoodWorkHQ, a collaborative work space for event professionals; and they’ve even started a company with their photo booth designer—Brian Schmitt—that will allow them to manufacture their amazing photo booth designs for others.

In the interview we dive into the realities of working with a significant other, how Josh and Caroline navigated the process of starting several businesses together, how they have grown each brand over time and much more.




"Have a plan." -- Caroline Winata of Giggle + Riot, Milou + Olin + GoodWork HQ


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