Podcasts I'm Loving (That Have Nothing to Do With Business)

You all know how much I love hearing how people build businesses and choose career paths, but lately I've been craving stories that have absolutely nothing to do with work. 

Perhaps that's because I'm surrounded by business stories via my own show. Maybe it's because it's becoming so important for me to remember that I am not just my business. Either way, I've been listening to some great podcasts lately and I had to share. 

Here are a few un-business podcasts I'm hoarding as I prepare for the longest road trip I've ever taken:


Each week, host Starlee Kine tackles a mystery that cannot easily be solved via the internet. If you haven't fallen in love with Kine's reporting style I'm convinced you might be living life wrong. She's hilarious and seems so determined to make good on her promise to uncover whatever mysteries come her way. I like that in a podcast host, don't you?

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Favorite episode to date: Case #2: Britney


What can I say? Gimlet Media has got it going on. Reply All is the second show they started producing and it's a gem. The hosts report on strange things in the land of the world wide web—some things I never knew existed and others I didn't know I needed explained to me. Now I know. Thanks, Reply All. 

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Favorite episode to date: The Time Traveler and the Hitman


I love the work of Cheryl Strayed, but it's her dialogue with co-host Steve Almond that makes this show work for me. Together, they answer reader-submitted questions (just as they both did for The Rumpus several years ago). If you're looking for a show that dives right in to life's deeper questions, this is the show for you.

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Favorite episode to date: Episode 5: The Family We Carry


This one is for the ladies! I REPEAT: This one is for the ladies. Although, I can think of a few men (read: all men) who should listen to this show. The folks behind Dear Kate have launched a podcast to talk about all things associated with our periods. All of my lady friends know it's just a fact of life, but we rarely ever talk about the realities we face every. single. month. Dear Kate is looking to change that.

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Favorite episode to date: Episode 1: Amanda Seales

What are a few of your favorite un-business podcasts, friends?