Episode 34 - Creating Your Own Path with Ric + Jen Serena from Serena Creative + The Muir Project

Today's show brings me to the Burbank studio of Ric and Jen Serena. While I was in Los Angeles last month, I had the chance to catch up with the two who, together with their collaborators, are still riding the wave of success that came with their beautiful documentary, Mile... Mile and a Half.

In the episode, we chat about their own winding career paths, how they coped when The Muir Project and Mile... Mile and a Half took over their world for a few years, their strategies for working together as a husband and wife team and why Burbank is the perfect creative hub for their work/life blend.

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I don't know any creative person who isn't doing multiple things or aspiring to do yet another thing." — Jen Serena, The Muir Project + Serena Creative
"You have to be willing to make plenty of mistakes." — Ric Serena, The Muir Project + Serena Creative


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