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CYOP #34 - Filmmaking + Teamwork with Ric + Jen Serena from Serena Creative + The Muir Project


CYOP #34 - Filmmaking + Teamwork with Ric + Jen Serena from Serena Creative + The Muir Project

Today's show brings me to the Burbank studio of Ric and Jen Serena. While I was in Los Angeles last month, I had the chance to catch up with the two who, together with their collaborators, are still riding the wave of success that came with their beautiful documentary, Mile... Mile and a Half. In the episode, we chat about their own winding career paths, how they coped when The Muir Project and Mile... Mile and a Half took over their world for a few years, their strategies for working together as a husband and wife team and why Burbank is the perfect creative hub for their work/life blend...



The Muir Project: An Interview for Submerge Magazine

So you've all heard of The Muir Project, right? No? Well, let me introduce you!

Basically, a group of five friends (who just happen to be incredibly talented artists) decided to tackle the John Muir Trail (JMT) in the summer of 2011. They researched and prepared with the goals of 1.) completing the hike and 2.) capturing as much of their beautiful surroundings as possible so they could share it with others.

This is the result of that epic journey: 

The team members behind Mile, Mile & A Half are now touring the country and will be making a stop in Sacramento on June 15. I recently had the chance to interview a few of them for Submerge Magazine.


If you're in Sacramento, you should be able to find a print copy at just about any news stand in downtown or midtown. If you'd like to scope out the interview digitally, you can do so here.

Ticket sales for the first few premiers and screenings have gone very well and the team is anticipating a pretty great turnout for the Sacramento event. In other words: if you haven't snagged your tickets, get on it


Anyone out there hiked the JMT? I've never taken a true backpacking trip before (day hiker, here), but this film has me juuuust about ready to give it a shot. If you have any stories, feel free to share them in the comment section below! 

Hope to see a few of your smiling faces at the screening this weekend!

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