CYOP #47 - Making DIY Approachable + Blogging for a Living with Rachel Smith of The Crafted Life

Rachel Smith is our guest on today’s show and if you know anything about the world of craft and DIY blogging, you’ve probably come across Rachel’s incredible corner of the internet. She currently runs her blog, The Crafted Life, full time and—though I don’t consider myself to be super crafty—I was completely drawn in by both Rachel’s aesthetic and by the simplicity of the projects she shares. 

In the interview we chat about Rachel’s big leap to take her blog full time, how she makes a living as a blogger and some of the opportunities she’s seen come her way over the last few years. Even if you’re not super crafty or don’t really spend much time in the blog world, I think you’ll get a lot our of this interview. I know I did!




"Find something you're really passionate about, because you're going to do it all the time." - Rachel Smith, The Crafted Life. // Listen to the full episode at


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