Molly Wizenberg //  Photo: by   Kyle Johnson

Molly Wizenberg // Photo: by Kyle Johnson

Today's show brings me to Essex Bar to chat with author and restaurant owner Molly Wizenberg. She’s been the voice behind the blog, Orangette, since 2004 and has since had her work published in well-known magazines, written two wonderful books, launched a very funny podcast called Spilled Milk and opened a restaurant and bar in Seattle with her husband.  

In the interview, we chat about how Molly tackled her first book and why the writing process didn’t quite go as planned, how her dad’s passing had a profound effect on her career trajectory, why opening a restaurant wasn’t on her radar at all and the importance of continuing to show up and do the work.

Molly's story is incredible and I think we can all learn a great deal from her. Enjoy!



"The only thing that has proven to be true is the idea of doing a lot of work." -- Molly Wizenberg, Orangette // Find the full interview at