The Benefits of Being in the Same Room

It's funny: I consider myself to be fairly socially awkward; yet, I find myself in social situations constantly. Having a traveling obsession, deciding to take my show on the road and saying yes to things like press trips will do that.

Last week: Detroit.

A few weeks prior: Seattle and Portland.

Several weeks before that: Los Angeles.

I was chatting with a friend recently and she said with a smirk, "You know, you could just interview people over the phone." She's completely right, of course. It's not that I'm against it—I'm a big fan of leaning on technology to get the job done.

However, as much as I'm up for using the tools at hand, I find there's just no replacement for sitting down across the table from another human being and having a conversation.

It doesn't really matter with whom I speak or what the topic might be. Watching the edges of a friend's mouth creep up into a smile as they talk about their work; having a front row seat to a break-through or simply allowing one another the silence it takes to form a thought is absolutely worth the extra effort. 

So I intend to continue making an effort. I've got some big plans for my show in the coming months, my friends, and I cannot wait to sit at many more tables, listen to dozens of stories and share them with you.

Stay tuned.