Jessica Murnane of  The One Part Podcast  // Photo:   Eva Deitch

Jessica Murnane of The One Part Podcast // Photo: Eva Deitch

Today's show brings me to Chicago to chat with Jessica Murnane of the One Part Podcast. I have to warn you guys: Jessica dropped some big news during our interview—some of which I knew ahead of time and some of which I did not know about. One thing I did know about is that she and her family are moving to Charleston, South Carolina! If I’m not mistaken, they’re in the midst of all their move-related stuff right now so send them all of your good moving vibes.

What I didn’t know before we started recording is that Jessica has landed a pretty fantastic book deal for her very first traditionally-published book! She spilled some beans, but not all the beans because the deal was still pretty new when we recorded. However, she’s since given more details on her blog and podcast, so I’ve linked up to that in the show notes below!

So, if you’re not familiar with Jessica’s work, she’s an incredible resource in the wellness community. The reason I couldn’t wait to interview her, though, is because I think she’s doing some really interesting things with the ways in which she shares her story, her knowledge and the stories of others. 

Happy listening!




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"Charge for your knowledge." - Jessica Murnane, The One Part Podcast