Writer + Pastry Chef  Klancy Miller  // Photo:  Tara Donne

Writer + Pastry Chef Klancy Miller // Photo: Tara Donne

Today’s episode brings me to Philadelphia to the family home of pastry chef and food writer Klancy Miller to talk about everything from Klancy's professional training as a pastry chef to the lost art of informational interviews. In the interview, we cover her long journey to becoming a food writer and the process behind her forthcoming book titled, Cooking Solo: The Joy of Cooking for Yourself.

I loved that she decided to tackle such a fun and interesting take on cooking, because I’ve just experienced a whole lot of time spent alone! There’s something truly special about treating yourself to a solo date—whether you’re single or not—and cooking a great meal for yourself is something I think I’d like to aspire to!

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"Learn to view what you see as negatives as positives." - Klancy Miller, writer + pastry chef