Stephanie Duncan of  Her New Tribe  // Photo:  Jamie Hopper

Stephanie Duncan of Her New Tribe // Photo: Jamie Hopper

Today's show brings me to the Atlanta home of Stephanie Duncan, the creator of Her New Tribe. She’s a freelance writer, stylist and art director whose work is focused primarily on the fashion industry. I met Stephanie thanks to the work we’ve done with the online lifestyle publication Clementine Daily and I was immediately drawn to her style and fascinated with how she’s building a career for herself.

There’s a lot of talk in the news lately about social media and whether or not it represents real life. I’ve always seen social media as a sort of curation tool and as way to express certain aspects of your real life. I also think it’s a completely legitimate way to make a living. Stephanie’s approach is one of those I’ve really admired and, in the interview, we talk a bit about why she shares what she share on social media and her blog. We also chat about how she collaborates with brands, why she’s such a vocal supporter of emerging small businesses and designers and the importance of embracing your tribe. 

She’s an incredibly good human, you guys, and I’m so glad we had time for a quick on-the-record interview while I was staying with her and her family. Enjoy!




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"Your tribe and your community and your support can come from places that are totally unexpected." - Stephanie Duncan, Her New Tribe


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