Graffiti + Fine Artist  Troy Duff  // Photo:  Yve Assad

Graffiti + Fine Artist Troy Duff // Photo: Yve Assad

Today’s show brings me to East Nashville to chat with Graffiti and Fine Artist Troy Duff. He’s a Nashville native who has created an incredible career around his art, but he’s also worked as a model and actor—he was actually part of that iPod silhouette advertising campaign several years ago—and he created his own clothing line as well. 

In the interview, we talk about why Troy made the move back to Nashville after his time in Los Angeles, what it was like getting into the graffiti art scene without all of the tools and resources that are available these days and how he diversifies his work so that he is truly a working artist.





"Stick with it. Follow it. Chase it. Dig a little deeper and hang with it." - Graffiti + Fine Artist Troy Duff