Today’s show brings me to Berkeley, California to chat with Lisa Jackson of Good on Paper. As a stationery and print goods designer, Lisa creates both ready-made collections for companies like Tiny Prints and Wedding Paper Divas and does a ton of custom work for freelance clients.

What you might not know about Lisa, however, is that she has a full-time job with an environmental consulting firm and she’s a self-taught designer. In the interview we chat about why Lisa has kept her full-time gig even though she has nearly a full-time workload with Good on Paper, how sharing bits of her personal story on her site and social media accounts has resulted in some interesting collaborations and what it’s been like to grow a family and career in Berkeley.





"If you're just starting, say yes to everything. Then when you get to the point when you can start saying no [...], it's okay to say no." -- Lisa Jackson of Good on Paper  


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