10 CYOP Podcast Episodes You Haven't Downloaded Yet (But Should)

In last week's Creative Digest (subscribe here, if you're not already on the list), I decided to switch things up a bit and offer some recommendations for those who listen to the Creating Your Own Path podcast. 

You see, certain episodes featuring interviewees who aren't super internet-famous simply aren't getting the love they deserve. So, in my weekly dispatch, I offered up three podcasts my subscribers may have missed. You can read the full email below:

When faced with too many choices in life, we often gravitate toward the familiar. You should see me at the grocery store. I find myself making a beeline for items I know will be delicious because I've had them before. They're slam dunks, those items-I-get-every-time. All the while, that fancy new flavored water is waving at me from the end cap. It's unproven. Unknown. So, I move along.
I know what you're thinking and I promise I'm not opposed to trying new things. I try new things all the time! It's just that familiar is simple—easy, even. It's human nature to go with what you know.
After two and a half years of podcasting, I've seen a trend in my listenership/download numbers. Some CYOP listeners are scrolling past the episodes featuring new-to-them interviewees. Instead, they're skipping right to the episodes with creatives they already know and love. They're sticking with what they know and leaving that fancy new flavored water for another day.
I get it. Leaning on the familiar is completely understandable. I've got 88 episodes in the archives and that is a lot of content to sift through. Not to mention, I interviewed those familiar, well-known creatives for a reason! I know and respect their work, they have so much wisdom to share, and their stories are inspiring regardless of how many times we've heard the narrative.
That said, I hope you'll to head on over to that fancy flavored water and pick up a case anyway. Why? Because exploring the unknown is good too. Hearing unfamiliar stories can lead to great ideas. New-to-you people become known entities if you let them.
That's why I've decided to share three interviews today that you may have missed over the last few years (but that are absolutely worth your time).

Because the response from subscribers was so lovely, I thought I'd expand upon my recommendations and offer 10 podcast episodes you may have missed:

Happy listening, my friends, and don't forget to sign up for the Creative Digest to get podcast episodes (and other goodness) sent right to your inbox!