CYOP #79 - Taking Sabbaticals and Pursuing Parallel Careers with Author Karan Bajaj //

Today’s guest is author Karan Bajaj. He’s written three books while being employed by various large companies and is currently the CMO of a startup. When he reached out to me, I immediately knew he needed to come on the show because he’s been able to pursue both corporate work and his worked as a published author by taking sabbaticals. I was incredibly curious to see how he's made it all work.

In the episode we chat about his 4-1-4 rule (4 years working, 1 year off, 4 years working, etc.), which he uses to plan out his sabbaticals. We also dive in to the reason he feels compelled to pursue his parallel careers, his best advice to those considering a sabbatical, how his latest break inspired and allowed him to write his latest novel, why he thinks career pressure stifles creativity and much more.





"There's too much pressure to become and reinvent all the time. Let reinvention come to you." — Author Karan Bajaj.


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