Omonivie Okhade of  Tula in Bloom  // Photo:  Tom Huynh

Omonivie Okhade of Tula in Bloom // Photo: Tom Huynh

On the show today, I’ve got another Sacramento creative in the hot seat. I came across the work of Omonivie Okhade and her jewelry brand Tula in Bloom thanks to some mutual friends and I’m so glad I did! Her work is incredible and she’s always learning new skills and incorporating new elements into her jewelry pieces. But what I didn’t know about Omonivie is that she has a lot of different creative talents. She sings, she’s a dancer, she’s a writer, she’s an illustrator—you name it.

It was so great to hear about her journey—it’s one that I think a lot of us can identify with in that sometimes we have to try a lot of different things before we get to the work we’re meant to be doing. In the interview, we talk about why Omonivie stuck with a career path she didn’t love for so long, how she deals with the inevitable ties between self-worth and creative success and how she’s still working through her fears on a daily basis to get to where she wants to be.






"We have to give ourselves the opportunity to be more than what others see." -- Omonivie Okhade, Tula in Bloom


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