Today’s interview begins a new segment dedicated to those who have gone through a major career shift at some point in their lives. I’m kicking it off with Stephanie Washburn who is a tattoo artist in Roseville, California. However, what makes Steph's story so interesting is that she didn’t start pursuing art until she was almost 40 and found her way into the tattoo industry after that. 

In the interview we talk about why she left her corporate nonprofit job of nearly 20 years and how she and her husband set themselves up financially to make it possible. We also talk through the importance of finding great mentors, the challenges involved in being a woman over 40 in the tattoo business, and why she believes the act of thoughtlessly quitting your day job is not necessarily the answer. Steph’s story is an inspiring one and I think you guys are going to get a lot out of it!




If you're starting to sacrifice that one creative thing for the almighty dollar, you're never going to get where you want to go." — Stephanie Washburn, Tattoo Artist //


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