CYOP #88 - Author (+ Hollywood Expat) Lisa Jakub //

Today's guest is actor-turned-author Lisa Jakub. If you’ve ever seen Mrs. Doubtfire or the original Independence Day, you’re likely familiar with her early work. I came across Lisa a few years ago on Twitter and she has since completely changed careers. She’s now a writer living thousands of miles away from Hollywood.

When I read Lisa’s book, You Look Like That Girl…, in which she details her major life and career shift, I knew I wanted to have her on this segment of the show. You might think the story of an actor-turned-writer would be completely un-relatable, but that couldn’t be further from the truth in this case.

In the interview, we chat about how Lisa got into acting at the age of four and how she handled the period of time between leaving Hollywood and where she is today. We also talk about the tools Lisa used to understand how she could view success outside of the world of acting and filmmaking, why she feels it’s important to talk about the difficult times she’s faced over the years and what she’s working on next.




"You're allowed to live your life in a way that makes you happy." — Lisa Jakub, Author + Hollywood Expat //


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