Katie J. Evans, Hart Variations // creatingyourownpath.com

Today’s show is the first in a segment dedicated to those who create with uncommon or interesting materials and as soon as I landed on this theme, I knew I needed to reach out to today’s guest. Katie J. Evans of Hart Variations is a jewelry designer who uses things like butterfly wings, snake skin sheds, bones, entire insects, and feathers to create really stunning and unique pieces.

In the interview, we talk about how her materials are ethically and legally sourced, which is a process I wasn't familiar with. I envisioned her walking along and finding the materials, but it turns out there are actually rules and regulations and official suppliers for these types of materials.

We also talk a lot about her creative process, why she decided to hire help, how she’s navigated the jewelry world to find the right audience for her work and why feedback from her customers has made a world of difference in her business.




"What feels right for you is probably going to be the best way to get your work out there." -- Katie J. Evans, Hart Variations // creatingyourownpath.com


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