CYOP #87 - Children's Artist Mishell Leong //

On today’s show I’m talking with Mishell Leong, a children’s artist located in Singapore. She started her professional career as an accountant, spent some time in the restaurant industry, traveled a bit, overcame physical ailments and started a family before coming to the realization that she could actually paint!

In the interview we talk a lot about how Mishell worked through internal and external resistance as she embarked on her journey to becoming an artist. She also talks through the research she did as she was refining her style as an artist, why her years as an accountant have made her a better business person and why she remains open to career shifts as she continues on her current path.




"Just try it out. If it doesn't work, go and do something else." — Mishell Leong, Children's Artist //


Follow along with Mishell's adventures: