Today’s interview brings me to Common Space here in Sacramento, California to interview photographer William Thompson. Until recently, I actually had no idea that William had a day job. Because his photos are so stunning, I pretty much assumed he made a living taking them.
However, he doesn’t—at least not yet. He’s got a full-time job working in the banking industry and hopes to one day turn his side hustle into his main hustle. It was great talking to William because I think he’s currently in a place most of us can relate to. He’s working on a lot of different types of projects, trying to figure out what type of photography he likes best and continually practicing to get better at his craft. And he does it knowing that right now the bills are paid by his day job.

As many of you know, I really enjoy talking with people who are at different stages of their career and, even though I’m in a different industry, I’ve been right where William is right now in his photography career. 




"I wasn't good when I started. I was awful, but I wanted to be good. So, I put in the work to get there." -- William Thompson, photographer //


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