Video: Want to Get Involved in the CYOP Listener Video Project? Watch This!

If you've been following along on Instagram or subscribe to the weekly Creative Digest, you may have heard that I'm working on a fun video project for an upcoming event. The best part about the whole thing? I get to include YOU in the video.

I'm giving you all the scoop in the video below (which I think is my first time really being on camera in this space - a vlogger, I am not!), so press play for all of the details!

Things you need to know if you'd like to get involved:

  • In the video, I mention that I'm using my phone to record. I read this first for tips.
  • I'm looking to get all video submissions back from listeners by the end of business on June 17, 2016!
  • You can learn more by emailing me directly at jennifer @ jenniferesnyder . com.

That's it!

I'm so excited to see how this shapes up. I know some of you have already signed on to participate and I truly appreciate the support.