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Flowers + Matisse + Happy Links


"There are always flowers for those who want to see them." // Henri Matisse

Happy Links:

  • Doesn't this post make you want to set up shop (and a life) in Iceland. {sigh}
  • I'm loving this new series over on the Twin Stripe Blog. I've already put my vote in for tomatoes. Summer growing season here we come!
  • After coming across this super cool sticky tape, I can't stop thinking about all the ways I'd use it. I'm in love with the London skyline, myself. What about you? 

Wrap it Up:

  • On Tuesday, I excitedly launched the redesigned this space, along with a spiffy new portfolio site. It's amazing what a change can do to get you moving in the right direction! 
  • I finally had the chance to interview the founders of one of my favorite Sacramento publications, Submerge Magazine. You can find the full feature here
  • As I decide what this space should become in the coming months, I've asked you lovely readers to help in my spring cleaning efforts with a survey. I love feedback. 


  • If you read People + Places + Things in a reader, be sure to hop out and see the redesigned site! 
  • Many of you used to subscribe using WordPress (my old platform), but I haven't figured out a way to take you with me over to the new platform. If you'd like to re-subscribe, you can use the FeedBurner form in the sidebar on the right of the screen. 
  • If you haven't had a chance to take my super quick and painless survey, you can do so right here. I would really appreciate your feedback as I move forward with this space. 

Happy weekend, my friends! 

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Featured: Wand'rly Magazine + Vacation Rentals


Wand'rly Magazine has just launched their 9th issue and my latest feature for the publication, which had me digging into the details behind vacation and room rentals, is now live!

Here's an excerpt:

"After a long day on the road, every traveler needs a place to rest for the night. Some may prefer tents, RVs or tricked-out buses, while others would rather get their shuteye in hostels, motels or high-end hotels. Some wanderers, however, choose an increasingly popular option: the short-term vacation rental.

Since the mid-2000’s, websites such as,, and have offered easy access to various types of lodging for those seeking unique spaces. With listings ranging from rustic cabins in the woods to grand seaside castles, it’s easy to see why rentals have caught the eye of savvy travelers.

Many of the websites offer the same type of information regarding rental properties, such as number of bedrooms, amenities, rates, reviews and location; but they can differ when it comes to the type of listings found on each site, the payment and reservation process and how owners get feedback from travelers. We’ve rounded up a handful of the most popular vacation rental websites to find out what you need to know before booking your next stay."

You can read the full article here.

If you have yet to check out Wand'rly Magazine, you should stop in and see what the new issue has in store. Those interested in experiencing the Airstream life or living like a local while on the road will find plenty of good information!


Your turn: What is your take on the vacation and room rental scene? Love it? Hate it? Have any experiences you'd like to share? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it all in the comment section!